Climate Justice

the team

Sergio Cira-Reyes
Climate Justice Catalyst
Erica Bouldin
Climate Justice Organizer
Nancy Morales
Climate Justice Organizer

What is environmental justice?

Environmental justice is about the way we treat the environments we live in. For example: systemic racism and redlining have been exploited to create an environment that exposes vulnerable communities to more pollution, toxic sites, and contaminated water sources. This results in whole communities of vulnerable people at risk to develop chronic life altering health disparities. 

What is climate JUSTICE?

Climate justice addresses the disparities in our communities' health and environment by connecting the climate crisis to the social, racial and environmental issues we face. We believe that means bringing substantial resources and innovative solutions to address these issues. It is well past the time for transparency, regulation and accountability. The time for equitable development and redistribution of funds is now, our climate is in crisis.

Why does climate justice matter?

Climate change disproportionately impacts the environment in low-income and BIPOC communities around the world, often leaving the consequences to the people and places least responsible for the problem. Climate justice focuses on local impacts and experience, inequitable vulnerabilities, and amplifies the importance of community voice.