Free Composting for Beginners!

July 3, 2024

Join the 16 for 6 Compost Pilot Program and Transform Your Waste!

In partnership with Community Collaboration on Climate Change (C4) and the Kent County Department of Public Works, we at the Urban Core Collective are excited to invite community members to join the 16 for 6 Compost Pilot Program. This exciting initiative offers Grand Rapids residents an incredible opportunity to learn about composting and receive free compost collection services for six months. Participating in this program can significantly reduce your trash bill, contribute to environmental sustainability, and help Grand Rapids set a national standard for responsible waste management.

Event Details

We invite you to join us on July 11th for an informative event where you’ll learn about waste management and receive details on how to participate in the compost pilot program. Here are the event specifics:

  • Date: July 11th
  • Time: 5-7:30pm
  • Location: The DAAC: 1553 Plainfield Ave NE #4, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
  • Sign-up Link: Click here to sign up

What You'll Learn

At the event, you'll discover the benefits of composting and how it can be seamlessly integrated into your daily waste disposal routine. Our expert partners from Wormies will provide insights into the composting process and demonstrate how their services can help you manage organic waste efficiently.

About the 16 for 6 Compost Pilot Program

The 16 for 6 Compost Pilot Program, subsidized by C4 and Kent County Department of Public Works, offers six months of free compost pickup services. This grace period is designed to help you adopt composting practices without any cost, making it easier for you to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Duration: Six months of free compost collection
  • Eligibility: One service per household
  • Services Provided: Weekly or bi-weekly compost pickup by Wormies
  • Goal: To reduce landfill waste and promote sustainable waste management practices

About Wormies

Wormies is a Grand Rapids-based composting business specializing in vermicomposting. Since 2017, Wormies has been committed to transforming organic waste into valuable compost for farm and garden use. Their mission is to divert 100% of organic waste from landfills, creating nutrient-rich soils and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Why Compost with Wormies?

  • Environmental Benefits: Composting reduces pollution, regenerates soil, and sequesters carbon.
  • Unique Process: Wormies uses a three-step process involving aerobic composting, vermicomposting with specialty worms, and a curing period to produce high-quality compost.
  • Community Support: Wormies offers a composting CSA, consulting services for DIYers, and food scrap pickup services to make composting accessible for everyone.

Sign Up Today!

Don’t miss this chance to impact your community and the environment positively. Sign up to join us for the 16 for 6 Compost Pilot Program event  and start your journey toward sustainable waste management.

A More Sustainable Grand Rapids

Join us in this transformative initiative and contribute to a greener, more sustainable Grand Rapids. The 16 for 6 Compost Pilot Program allows you to learn, engage, and make a lasting difference. We look forward to seeing you at the event on July 11!

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