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Diversity in community leadership produces diversity of thought, which in turn leads to innovative strategies, supports racial equity, and enhances the quality of life for all members of the community. The aim is to increase the capacity and accessibility of supportive services -- health, education, and other resources -- to people of color and marginalized families residing in Grand Rapids.
During the monthly TLP learning sessions, participants will engage in a multi-faceted learning approach: from reading assignments, workshops, exercises, case studies, and webinars, to team projects, creation of a Career and Life Portfolio, and a series of off-site experiential learning sessions. Participants may serve on the board of a nonprofit community organization, volunteer to lead an initiative targeted to help address an issue, or offer up some other contribution of time, effort, and financial support.
UCC’s long term goal with TLP is to create a long line of future professional leaders from communities of color. TLP will provide leaders with the opportunity to visit organizations that successfully model collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and transformational business leadership.


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