Using Our Collective Power

We are engaging our neighbors in preparation for the November 3rd election, conducting voter education and outreach to increase voter registration, absentee voting and diversity of poll workers. We hope to strengthen the collective power of our community voices by organizing youth and communities of color to turn out to vote.

Ready to Vote Checklist

✔ Register to vote starting here

✔ Make sure your address is up to date

✔ Cast your ballot in person or vote from home

✔ Check your absentee ballot for drop box locations --OR--

✔ Find your polling place here

✔ Remind your family, friends and neighbors to vote

Take the Pledge!

It will take all of our voices and all of our votes to make positive changes in our community. Take the UCC Pledge to Vote and get involved today!

Already voted?

Volunteer with UCC to help mobilize our community!

October 17th 12 - 4pm: Canvas our community

October 22nd 12 - 4pm: Help with Text Banking

October 27th 6 - 8 pm: Help with Text Banking

Important Dates

Now: Request your absentee ballot online or submit a paper application 

September 24th: Vote in person at your city or township clerk’s office begins 

October 19th: Last day to register to vote online or by mail 

October 20th: Mail your ballot before this day as early as you can or drop it off at your clerk’s office. After this day, only drop your ballot off at your clerk’s office or in a dropbox provided by your clerk. 

November 2nd: If you’re registered to vote where you live, you can vote absentee until 4:00 pm at your clerk’s office, after that you must vote at your polling location on Election Day. 

November 3rd: Election Day! The polls are open 7:00 am - 8:00 pm local time. You can register to vote and then vote at your clerk’s office until 8:00 pm.


Find answers to common questions like who can register to vote, how to register, and how to vote before or on Election Day in this ACLU guide.

Look for the latest updates on our social media platforms while the Secretary of State and Local Clerk offices adapt during Covid-19 response and standards.

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We’re here to help! Whether you’re an individual or organization, contact us directly with your questions or input by emailing us at